vision and dreams

I saw a vision while I slept; I saw two men, one had the likeness of a beast and the other of a man. The two men were of great height and stood between heaven and Earth and they made war against the United States of America and invaded it . The two men and their armies came to the U.S. and attacked  the people and made war with North America. I believe is to be to be Prince Bin Salman and Russian President Putin but I can not be certain at this time.

I  had a vision while I slept as I walked I could not see the sun for the smoke that filled the sky, all of the building were destroyed in Manhattan, Bronx,and Brooklyn as if a bomb had hit the city like the city of Hiroshima during the second world war, and as I walked I could smell flesh and blood, I also noticed the impact caused the people in the subway system to be crushed by a this great impact.

I had a vision while I slept in which I was on a cloud and was ascending up to heaven with a multitude of people and next to me stood what appeared to look like a tall man with a long robe and large wings on his back in the color of grey and he stood as if on guard. I got on my knees to look down to those who were left behind and saw many people in the streets and dark color angels tormenting a man who was left behind.

I had an experience while I laid fasting and praying on my bed. My spirit came out of my body an traveled to my friend's home. I tried to speak to her however, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said "she can neither see or hear you" he then proceeded to say "get ready, I am going to take you somewhere." I stood ready. The Holy Spirit took me and I hovered over what appeared to be a large lake. I notice that the lake was not deep for I could see that the surface on the ground underneath the lake. The bottom of the lake had writings of all the false doctrines of the world. I walked thru a door that led to this dark andhorrible place and there was a man standing near the door called the advocate and I pleaded saying "please don't let our children go into this place and he said to me "one does not have to see this place to believe it exist."

I had a vision while I slept in which I was walking up a road on a mountain and there was a older short bald man on the road with a wooden wagon. I asked the man a question and he pointed to the road that went up the mountain. When I reached the top of the mountain there was a great tall wall that surrounded the city. I came to two large doors and there were five commandments written on one door and five commandments written on the other. In addition, as I began to read each of the commandments, they lit up as if they were lamps. Furthermore,  when I finished reading the last commandment a spirit (called the spirit of David) came out of the doors (for the doors never opened) the spirit of David entered my soul and spirit and transformed me into a glorified man. Lastly, I walked thru the two doors into the city of the Holy Mountain of God.

I saw a vision while slept in which I was repairing a television cable for a ranch house which had only one floor in a suburban area down south it seems. It was the house of the family member of Michele Obama, the former first lady with her two daughters. Mrs. Obama the former first lady came out when a tornado came and dump debris on her killing her. I immediately went search for her and knock for her family and told them "please tell me your mom is inside", their reply to me was "no" it was then that realized the worst.

I saw a vision while I slept, I was walking at night on Broadway and I saw a person walking across the street and I saw a person  struck by lighting and another person was later also struck by lighting and I heard God say "I will be responsible for destroying every person that parts from the path of my Son".

I saw a vision while I slept, I walked through the city of New York, all the buildings were destroyed and I could see the Bronx from Manhattan. I could smell flesh and blood as I walked and the sun's light was blocked by the smoke. It was day and a weekday. All the subways passengers were crunched by the impact that hit the city that day.

I had a dream in which I was lifted up and inside a mountain. I saw people dressed in white singing songs to the Lamb of God together in one accord as they all worked together for some great event.

I had a vision while I slept, it was early in the day and  I was in country from from home with palm trees and many poor people. I was standing on a porch and saw water from the ocean coming towards me and i ran to higher ground as fast as I could. (Indonesia Tsunami Dec. 26, 2004)

I had a dream in which I was with bunch of students 8-12 running with their teacher into a building to avoid a flood that took the city and was fast approaching us. (New OrleansAugust 29, 2012)

Some visions or dreams are literal, however, some are a metaphor  or symbolic  in nature. Majority of my visions or dreams have come to pass or will come to pass soon.

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